Television Evolved

Today, the TV Everywhere era is in full-swing, where audiences now play an active role consuming content when, where, and how they chose, often on devices that don’t resemble a traditional TV. In concert with this shift in viewer usage habits, is the Advanced TV Revolution–a revolution led by brands, agencies, and supply partners who want to bring the precision and relevance of digital marketing to reach a specific audience in tune with a given advertiser’s message.


For us, the term Advanced TV is a catch-all term. It encompasses many things and includes high indexed linear television such as The Voice where the lion’s share of audience watches in real time based on an appointment set by the network or station. But it can also mean connected TV, where you might use a smart TV or an app to watch water cooler content such as The Walking Dead. Advanced TV also refers to TV everywhere, which is the consumption of content on a device of your choosing, whether that be a smartphone in a sports arena or a tablet on an airplane. Going even further, it can mean addressable TV, where advertising is customized based upon the demographic and psychographic attributes of the viewer and their household, versus a scenario where everyone on your block receives the same ad during a particular television broadcast.

Given the complexity of today’s television ecosystem then, we believe it’s imperative that you understand the distinctions between these different terms, what they mean to you as an advertiser, and, perhaps most importantly, how each can benefit your marketing campaign and drive greater efficiencies amid a world of such vast fragmentation. There is no question it’s getting harder to find the right customers with your TV media buy. This is why we believe in data and why we make our focus not just about capturing eyeballs, but ensuring we are captivating an audience aligned with your specific message, products, and services.

Advanced TV

TRADR is a supply-side platform for Advanced TV audiences. We utilize first- and third-party data to target customers across our curated inventory sources–national cable, local cable, local broadcast, connected TV, and addressable TV. We identify opportunities with all these sources to best reach the target audience.

Data Driven Linear

The ability to target consumers with the precision of digital using over the air television (Traditional TV). Respondent ID’s can be matched to viewership panels for robust look-a-like modeling and audience concentration.

TV Everywhere

When you stream The Bachelor on your Roku device, you are watching connected TV. You can also think of connected TV as using a smart TV to stream content through an over-the-top (OTT) device such as an Amazon restick, gaming console, or through an app on your smart TV itself. TV Everywhere provides the ability to watch TV virtually everywhere on any device of an individual’s choosing. It often refers to long form FEP (full episode programming) and can be both live TV or on demand.

Addressable TV

This technology allows for ads to be delivered to specific households through their cable box. Households are matched via privacy compliant methods and ads are delivered to specific homes based on a one-to one-basis.

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